Bridge No. 455

Suffield, Connecticut

Underside of bridge; click to enlarge Route 159 over Stony Brook
State Bridge No. 455

Bridge No. 455 carries Route 159 over Stony Brook’s deep rocky ravine. The main span is supported by two slender arch ribs, which taper toward the crown of the arch. The ribs are connected by six cross-ties. Tapered square columns with simple bases and capitals extend upward to large floor beams carrying the roadway. The roadway is actually wider (28') than the arch itself, the extra width accommodated on cantilevered cove brackets at the end of the floor beams. The arch has a rise of 34'. The surface of the concrete evidences a series of repairs over the years, and the original baluster-type railings have been replaced by modern barrier-type railings.

Side view of bridge; click to enlarge

The bridge replaced a narrow, outmoded 19th-century iron bridge. Although not one of the state’s largest open-spandrel projects, the Stony Brook bridge illustrates both the engineering and aesthetic possibilities of the form.

Take a look at the original Connecticut Highway Department drawing for this bridge.

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